Why Marketers Need SEO & 3 Expert Tips to Boost Your 
SEO; it’s a digital marketing practice that’s hard to define. It covers a lot of areas, from data analysis to content creation, and could just be the ‘boost’ your Marketing site needs to go from Zero to Hero.
Search Engine Optimisation, if it’s just a marketing practice, why do I, a marketer, need to do this? Isn’t traditional marketing enough?
Nope. Not anymore it’s not.The competition in the digital marketing sector is as vicious as ever, and all marketing agencies need to take a step in a new direction if they want to stay in the game.
SEO is a digital practice that can give your brand’s website the boost in traffic and revenue that you need; utilising a few tools and some good old fashion research, you can give your site new life and your brand some much needed authority within your sector.
We’ve worked with a lot of marketing agencies that have come to us knowing they need SEO for their site, but not knowing how exactly it can help them. We’ve covered the most common problems we see below, and give you 3 expert SEO tips to boost your sites traffic and success.
Be More Specific
How are you describing your agency? Are you a just a ‘Digital Marketing Agency’, or do you have a specific area where you can provide some real value to your customers? Got professional video production skills? Specialise in Video Marketing!

This is a key area where a lot of our previous clients have gone wrong; they’re too general. With hundreds of marketing agencies all competing for the attention of the same people, agencies need to find any way they can to stand out from the crowd. Look at the key skills you and your team possess, and focus on providing real industry expertise and value to an audience that is highly motivated to buy high-quality services.
How Can SEO Help?
To build authority and site traffic in your chosen niche, you need to create well-informed & valuable content for your audience. This content (blog articles, videos, product guides, etc) needs to solve a key problem for your users, and for this some SEO keyword research is needed.
Look through your site’s Search Console and see how your users are engaging with your site, what key phrases they’re using and what they’re looking for. Gather audience information from your competitors and put together a list of key phrases and subjects that your audience need help with.

Notice how we say ‘help with’, not ‘interested in’ - you want to create content that showcases your ability to solve your audience’s problems, and show them the value of working with you to achieve success. This sort of content is value-focused and convertable, not like articles on the top 10 marketing trends of 2018. Utilising this SEO Content Marketing strategy (the method of using content to drive traffic to your site), you and your team should create a by-monthly Content Calendar for your website, using SEO data driven keywords and phrases to slowly build authority with your audience and within your brand.

This is a strong tactic that should remain a steadfast part of your marketing strategy, in order to attract and win quality clients.
Not Getting Enough Site Traffic
It can be seriously frustrating when you’ve put so much effort and time into creating your company website, but you’re not seeing the levels of traffic you’d hoped for. Nowhere near in fact, and with so much fierce competition out there in the marketing industry, it can be daunting trying to get your voice heard.

A problem we see quite a bit is agencies not targeting the right people. It’s all well and good having the amazing services that you do, but if you’re not putting yourself in front of the right audience, you’re not going to get anywhere. 
This is why the previous SEO keyword research is so important - this research document will inform a lot of your site’s structure and content, and you will need it again here
How SEO Can Help
Find the most searched for terms for the services that you provide; how are people searching for Video Marketing? Marketing Consultation Services? When you’ve found how people refer to your services, use these focused keywords across your site pages, service titles, blog article topics, any way that you can show your audience that you know exactly what they need, and that you are the agency to work with.

With this consistent output of SEO keyword-optimised content, highly-focused on your audience and their immediate needs, you will see a steady improvement in your site traffic and search engine rankings. The more value you provide your audience with, the more they’ll come to your site, and Google will reward your hard work with page 1 search results rankings. 
SEO: For the Users
We’ve already seen how SEO benefits your site, but how is it valuable for your audience, and why should you care?

UX, user experience, is the foundation which your site will live and die by, so ensuring that your site works in harmony with your users is of paramount importance. Think of how you use the web personally; you want immediate results with the exact information you need in a format that you are comfortable with and enjoy.  
It’s weird how many agencies seem to forget this fact, and their websites suffer as a result. It’s like asking an audience of 15-21 year olds to sit back and read a whitepaper, or asking 45-60 year olds to engage on Snapchat. 
How SEO Can Help
And it’s the invaluable SEO keyword research that we turn to once again; this is filled with your audience pain points, topics and phrases that will make you the go-to brand for your audience, keeping you in-tune with their needs and relevant.
Your SEO user data in your Google Analytics dashboard will also give you insight into the age range and preferences of your audience, allowing you to plan cohesive marketing strategies across your social networks that are tailored to attract your target users to your site.

How this is important, and why you should care, is because through building a site that works the way your users want, they will interact with your site more, trust the information you provide and engage with your brand more, promoting a profitable relationship for both them and You. 

The value of SEO for Marketing cannot be understated.
With informed and intelligent planning, your SEO Research docket can bring new traffic to your site, improved revenue and positive customer engagement.
Marketing yourself to the right people, and knowing what they really need from your business is central to being a success in this highly competitive industry. But with the useful SEO tips above, your agency will soon stand out from the crowd, and get the right kind of attention.

SEO Tips to Make Your Site Stand Out from the Crowd:
  • Find a niche for your brand, and become the authority on it. 
  • Put together your SEO Keyword Research - your new agency Bible.
  • Check your site metadata and page titles for accurate keyword targeting.
  • Design your site to fit the preferences & needs of your users.
  • Use your Google Analytics site data to understand your users better.
  • Plan a keyword targeted content schedule, to increase search engine rankings, and site authority.
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